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docs: fix rstride for UYVP

Stephan Seitz requested to merge theHamsta/gstreamer:uyvp-5bytes-422-group into main

I'm a bit confused over the documentation of pixels formats. In particular, I'm not 100% sure what RU4 means. So please feel free to close this PR if I got something wrong.

When I was trying to understand UYVP I was comparing it with the documentation for UYVY. UYVY has 4 pixels for a 4:2:2 group (2 luma, 2 chroma). So, 4 bytes * width / 2 to account for the two luma samples we have in this pixels group. It is documented to have rstride: RU4 (width * 2). Similarly, I would expect UYVP to have documentation: rstride: RU4 (width / 2 * 5) since UYVY has rstride: RU4 (width / 2 * 4) and 10bit instead of 8 bit would add up for 4*2bits=1byte.

UYVP has 4 pixels of a 4:2:2 group packed into 5 bytes.

5 bytes = 5 * 8 bits = 4 * 10 bits = 40 bits

Probably, the documentation is 100% correct and I just understood something wrong. Please excuse generated spam in that case!

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