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Backport of "adaptivedemux2: Fix early seeking" into 1.22

Backport of !3914 (merged) "adaptivedemux2: Fix early seeking".


  • Needs manual intervention, cherry-picking failed!


  • 39c8b060 adaptivedemux2: Fix early seeking
  • 2c9aef64 adaptivedemux2: Handle early key-unit seek
  • 630eb612 adaptivedemux2: Move API lock usage
  • adc07d77 adaptivedemux2: Handle return in seek handling
  • 597b684c adaptivedemux2: Fix non-accurate seeking
  • 4b535257 adaptivedemux2: Handle early SEEKING query
  • 2f95cbd5 matroska-demux: Properly handle early time-based segments
Edited by Tim-Philipp Müller

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