Accumulated SRT fixes

Merged Jan Alexander Steffens requested to merge heftig/gstreamer:srt-fixes into main

Improvements to the SRT plugin extracted from LTN's patchset:

  • srt: Replace stats accumulation with naive byte counting
    srt_bstats cannot be used to get the stats of closed connections, so the best we can do is keep the running count ourselves.
  • srt: Simplify socket stats
    Don't hide stats depending on whether we're a sending or receiving socket. While we're here, add some more debug logs.
  • srt: Clean up error handling
    • Make the srt_epoll_wait loops more uniform.

    • Error only via GError when possible; let the element send the error message. Avoids a second error message.

    • Return 0 when cancelled. Avoids an error message from the element.

    • Don't send an error message from send_headers when we're a server sink.

  • srt: Clean up poll/sock lifecycle
    Make sure srtobject->poll_id is never invalid as long as srtobject exists. Only remove our caller socket from it when the socket becomes invalid.
  • srt: Use simpler list operations for callers
    Avoid g_list_append and g_list_remove (which have to scan the list) and replace them with g_list_prepend and g_list_delete_link.
  • srt: Remove callers for which srt_bstats fails
    This keeps them from accumulating in the element and in the stats while the sink is not being fed, as long as we at least periodically grab stats.

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