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rtsp-server: add gst_dep to gst_rtsp_server_deps

Fabrice Fontaine requested to merge (removed):main into main

Add gst_dep to gst_rtsp_server_deps, in the context of buildroot, this will avoid the following build failure, because the correct girdir location will be retrieved from gstreamer-1.0.pc:

/home/giuliobenetti/autobuild/run/instance-3/output-1/host/riscv32-buildroot-linux-gnu/sysroot/usr/bin/g-ir-compiler gst/rtsp-server/GstRtspServer-1.0.gir --output gst/rtsp-server/GstRtspServer-1.0.typelib --includedir=/usr/share/gir-1.0
Could not find GIR file 'Gst-1.0.gir'; check XDG_DATA_DIRS or use --includedir
error parsing file gst/rtsp-server/GstRtspServer-1.0.gir: Failed to parse included gir Gst-1.0
If the above error message is about missing .so libraries, then setting up GIR_EXTRA_LIBS_PATH in the .mk file should help.
Typically like this: PKG_MAKE_ENV += GIR_EXTRA_LIBS_PATH="$(@D)/.libs"


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