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audioaggregator: Use an ad-hoc converter when changing srcpad caps

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The sinkpad converters created by gst_audio_aggregator_convert_pad_update_converter cannot be used:

  • The converter-config could be invalid for this conversion. For example, applying the mix-matrix to this internal conversion makes no sense.

  • The function resets converter_config_changed, assuming that the the provided infos are for the sinkpad → srcpad conversion. This can leave the pad in a bad state, set up with the wrong resampler, causing a buffer overflow when it next attempts this conversion.

FIXME: This still feels really brittle and could cause glitches when the conversion doesn't match what the sinkpad converters would have created for the new caps. I think the audioaggregator should probably keep the pre-conversion sinkpad buffers around and re-convert to the new caps instead of attempting to convert between internal formats.

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