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    examples/glupload: Upgrade to `glutin 0.31` · bf568714
    Marijn Suijten authored and Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge committed
    Glutin completely detached from `winit` in the `0.30` upgrade, concerning
    itself exclusively with OpenGL and WSI APIs around it and leaving any
    windowing system interop to the `raw-window-handle` crate specifically
    designed for this purpose.
    This untanglement massively cleans up and simplifies the `glutin`
    codebase, and expands on surfaceless rendering as well as drawing to
    simple views (textures) on the screen as is common on Android, without
    having control over the entire "window" and event loop.
    Some winit boilerplate is however still provided as part of the
    `glutin-winit` crate.  Most of the `glutin`+`winit` flow in this
    `glupload` example is adopted from `glutin`'s example, following
    platform-specific initialization sequences that heavily clutter the code
    (only creating a window upfront on Windows, only forcing transparency on
    macOS, and trying various fallback attributes to create a context).
    At the same time `winit`'s `Event::Resumed` and `Event::Suspe...