webrtc: Add gstwebrtc-api javascript API to link web browsers to webrtcsink/webrtcsrc

Merged Loïc Le Page requested to merge neodesys/gst-plugins-rs:gstwebrtc-api into main

The gstwebrtc-api subproject in net/webrtc plugin adds a high-level web API compatible with GStreamer webrtcsrc and webrtcsink elements and the corresponding signaling server.

It allows a perfect bidirectional communication between HTML5 WebRTC API and native GStreamer.

The project is a javascript API, it comes with the index.html demo web page that has been shown during the Barcelona hackfest.

In a first thought, it may sound strange to add this API to the net/webrtc plugin as this is not a GStreamer plugin but an independent library. In reality this library is 100% dependent of the webrtcsink signaling server protocol. So if this server protocol (that comes with the webrtc plugin) changes, this library must also be updated. So it seems quite interesting to keep it close to the plugin itself even if the language is not corelated.

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