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0.8 backports

Arun Raghavan requested to merge arun/gst-plugins-rs:0.8-backports into 0.8


20b8b331 transcriberbin: Add caption-source property
1f719480 transcriberbin: Don't notify signal inside lock
6b84b8de Use SPDX license format in Cargo.toml
92acc2f3 deny: Ignore duplicated wasi dependency
5181a438 [transcriberbin] - make audioqueue leaky
2f39cdca awstranscribe - increase presisigned url duration to 5 mins from 60s
6590d1ef rusoto: s3sink, s3src: Retry on server errors
d9267e0b fallbacksrc: Flush source before restarting on errors
05d5552c rusoto: s3src: Implement timeout and retries
da6735cd s3src: Consolidate stream reading into get object retries
969fb6fd rusoto: s3sink: Make remaining requests bounded in time
c219752c rusoto: s3sink: Expose property to control all timeout/retry durations
fcfb96e1 Correctly check for the `DISCONT` buffer flag to be set

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