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Draft: net/webrtc/janusvr: add new source element

Eva Pace requested to merge eva/gst-plugins-rs:net/webrtc/janussrc into main

This Merge Request is not complete, but covers mostly what it's needed to make the Janus Video Room signaller support a source element too.

Example of usage:

# it may not work as I've experienced a few bugs myself
$ gst-launch-1.0 janusvrwebrtcsrc signaller::room-id=1234 signaller::display-name=banana webrtcsrc::uri=ws:// ! videoconvert ! 

What changed:

  • New role property for each plugin, producer (sink) and consumer (src);
    • handle_reply became handle_reply_producer, and the new one handles the consumer path;
  • janus-endpoint property became uri;
  • handle_id got split in two. One for the publisher (sink), and the other for the consumer (src);
    • The sink uses only the producer_handle;
    • The src uses both, one to subscribe to SDPs in the room, the other to join the room.

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