Draft: net/webrtc: end 2 end and encoded filter tests

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This test provides simple end 2 end 2 and encoded filter tests. They were designed to ensure non-regression while introducing the request-encoded-filter signals and can conveniently be used in a loop to detect race conditions.

Depends on


  • Fix a segmentation fault shutting down webrtcsink. The segmentation appears after the test has returned. Possibly fixed by !1221 (merged) & !1225 (merged).
  • Fix a race condition leading to "Got data flow before segment event". Fixed by gstreamer!4844 (merged)
  • Fix a race condition leading to gst_pad_create_stream_id_internal: assertion 'parent->numsinkpads <= 1' failed. Fixed by gstreamer!4844 (merged)
  • Fix a deadlock handling ICE.
  • Use gst_check::Harness where applicable.
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