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This plugin implements a bridge to ROS, the Robot Operating System. ROS is a network transparent publish/subscribe system with standardized messages types. This plugin allows using ROS Image topics as a GStreamer source, and allows publishing video frames from a GStreamer pipeline on a ROS image topic.

This is my first code contribution to GStreamer, so I'd be happy about any feedback. More info, including instructions on how to run an example GStreamer → ROS → GStreamer round-trip, is provided in the README.

Related work:

  • ros-gst-bridge: the same thing, but for ROS2 (and with more features)
  • gscam: ROS1, but only the gstreamer → ROS part.

This plugin is written for ROS1. ROS2 is API-incompatible to ROS1, and has not been universally adopted by the community. Therefore it makes sense to have this plugin for ROS1 support in addition to the linked ros-gst-bridge for ROS2.

This plugin has been sponsored by my employer, farming revolution GmbH, where we use it for remote surveillance of our autonomous agricultural robots.

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