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    rtpsession: never send on a non-internal source · 79748dab
    Håvard Graff authored
    This will end up as a "received" packet, due to the code in
    source_push_rtp, which will think this is a packet being received.
    Instead drop the packet and hope that either:
    1. Something upstream responds to the GstRTPCollision event and changes
       SSRC used for sending.
    2. That the application responds to the "on-ssrc-collision" signal, and
       forces the sender (payloader) to change its SSRC.
    3. That the BYE sent to the existing user of this SSRC will respond to
       the BYE, and that we timeout this source, so we can continue sending
       using the chosen SSRC.
    The test reproduces a scenario where we previously would have sent
    on a non-internal source.
    Part-of: <!817>