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rtpjitterbuffer: Stop waiting after EOS

I'm looking for some feedback on this. I believe this is the right direction, but have never touched that code before. The use case being that we are processing RTP data offline from some recording (pcap and streampay). In some cases, the EOS handling would not unblock timers, which would wait up to the duration of the media. I understand I should also write a unit test, I still need to get around understanding the harness and the data generators there.

After EOS is received, it is pointless to wait for further events, specially waiting on timers. This patches fixes two cases where we could wait instead of returning GST_FLOW_EOS and trigger a spin of the loop function when EOS is queued, regardless if this EOS is the queue head or not.

cc @hgr @stianse

Edited by Olivier Crête

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