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    codec-utils: support extension audio object type and sample rate · 5767d653
    Alex Ashley authored
    ISO 14496-3 defines that audioObjectType 5 is a special case that
    indicates SBR is present and that an additional field has to be
    parsed to find the true audioObjectType.
    There are two ways of signaling SBR within an AAC stream - implicit
    and explicit (see [1] section 4.2). When explicit signaling is used,
    the presence of SBR data is signaled by means of the SBR
    audioObjectType in the AudioSpecificConfig data.
    Normally the sample rate is specified by an index into a
    table of common sample rates. However index 0x0f is a special case
    that indicates that the next 24 bits contain the real sample rate.
    [1] https://www.telosalliance.com/support/A-closer-look-into-MPEG-4-High-Efficiency-AAC
    Fixes #39
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