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video-anc: Replace GST_VIDEO_CAPTION_TYPE_CEA608_IN_CEA708_RAW with CEA608_S334_1A

Sebastian Dröge requested to merge slomo/gst-plugins-base:vanc-s334-1-a into master

CEA608_IN_CEA708_RAW is the same format as CEA708_RAW. It's only difference is that it must contain only CEA608 and a format like this does not exist in practice. In practice every element that handles raw cc_data triplets must check each triplet for their actual content and handle them accordingly.

For CC-only streams a parser could signal the existence of CEA608 and/or CEA708 inside the caps but for metas this can only potentially be signalled via the ALLOCATION query for negotiation purposes.

A separate format for this is not very useful and instead it should be a format qualifier.

CEA608_S334_1A is the format defined by SMPTE S334-1 Annex A and which is used for transferring CEA608 over SDI instead of CEA708 CDP packets.

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