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g-i fixes

Tim-Philipp Müller requested to merge tpm/gst-plugins-bad:g-i-fixes into master

Make g-i less spammy (in Meson mostly):

commit cacd51fa:

g-i: silence 'nested extern' compiler warnings when building scanner binary
We need a nested extern in our init section for the scanner binary
so we can call gst_init to make sure GStreamer types are initialised
(they are not all lazy init via get_type functions, but some are in
exported variables). There doesn't seem to be any other mechanism to
achieve this, so just remove that warning, it's not important at all.

commit 35cdefe2:

g-i: pass --quiet to g-ir-scanner
This suppresses the annoying 'g-ir-scanner: link: cc ..' output
that we get even if everything works just fine.

We still get g-ir-scanner warnings and compiler warnings if
we pass this option.

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