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aom: deactivate fixed_qp_offsets in av1enc configs

While testing Matroska muxing with the AV1 codec (av1enc) I couldn't create the pipe because of an error misreported as streaming stopped, reason not-negotiated (-4). Launching a pipeline with GST_DEBUG=4 revealed that the encoder plugin was not being created and reported the following error: --fixed_qp_offsets can only be used with --end-usage=q. After navigating through the aom sources I've found that the fixed QP offsets were being passed as zeroes although those need to be passed as negative values.

This MR changes those values to minus ones (-1) instead of using the default zeroes, permitting setting other end usages without triggering the error. The aom sources also define FIXED_QP_OFFSET_COUNT and I use this to check if the fixed_qp_offsets are supported by the aom version.

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