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add ability to set NiceAgentOption bitmap during construction

I needed to set the NiceAgentOptions for libnice (in my case it was consent-freshness, but it could be any of the other bits as well). Because these are set as G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY in libnice, they can't be set once the pipeline is constructed.

So, I added an 'ice-agent-options' property to gstwebrtcice.c and gstwebrtcbin.c which can be used to override the default option passed into nice_agent_new_full(). The value of the property is a bitmap.

Because we need to set the NiceAgentOption during the constructor, it does not work if webrtcbin is created by gst_parse_launch. So, the options can also be set via the GST_WEBRTC_ICE_AGENT_OPTIONS environemnt variable

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