dashdemux : cannot push data after seek to end of playtime

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I use dashdemux to playback for recorded file in our target environment (e.g TV).

recorded file was consist of fragmented MP4 with mpd file.

I found issue after seek to end of playtime. please check issue case and review my solutions.

fragmented mp4 need twice data push for one fragment.

first push is header and second push is real A/V data.

if seek position is last entry_index, dashdemux doing first push

but didn't second push because there are no next entry.

so docoder cannot receive data and wait at preroll status.

currently dashdemux didn't know whether A/V data pushed or not.

for solve this issue, adding flag that checking whether push A/V data or not.

if flag is false, it means A/V data is not pushed. and dashdemux can push A/V data using flag.

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