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    Release 0.10.22 · 28e08b18
    Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      - hlsdemux: Add HTTP live streaming parser/demuxer element
      - new elements: h263parse, zebrastripe, patchdetect
      - scenechange: new scene change detection element
      - removed audioparsersbad plugin, it has been moved to -good
      - make opencv plugin work with OpenCV 2.2
      - countless (still experimental) camerabin2 fixes and improvements
      - experimental VP8 RTP payloader/depayloader (RTP payloading not finalised yet)
      - curlsink: add libcurl-based sink element (acts as client, not server)
      - decklink: add decklink plugin
      - linsys: add plugin for Linear Systems SDI boards
      - sdi: add raw SDI muxing/demuxing elements
      - camerabin now relies on muxers to mux based on running time (ie. latest base/good/ugly releases)
      - many other fixes and improvements
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