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    omxh26xdec: videodecoder support subframe · aa99c538
    Nicolas Dufresne authored
    Use of subframe API from videodecoder base class.
    This subframe allows to decode subframe instead of
    waiting for a whole frame.
    The subframe uses the same frame over the whole
    subframe passing process and will wait
    for a signal to know the last subframe.
    In this implementation it will use
    end of batch of subframes.
    This implement subframe mode negotation for the Zynq based on caps
    negotation. This mode can be combined with low-latency mode, in order to
    reach the lowest possible latency (assuming the stream is within the
    low-latency constraints for the HW).
    ... ! video/x-h264,alignment=nal ! omxh264dec ! ...
    Part-of: <!49>