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Hook up "audio/x-xma: xmaversion: [1,2]" to AV_CODEC_ID_XMA[1,2]

Jade Macho requested to merge 0x0ade/gst-libav:support-caps-audio-xma into master

Even though XMA1 and XMA2 are very niche formats with no official mimetypes as far as I'm aware, it'd be nice to have actual sink caps for avdec_xma1 and avdec_xma2.

Currently, both are defaulting to unknown/unknown.
Quite honestly, I've copied the WMA sink caps and changed them to match audio/x-xma with a xmaversion of 1 and 2.
Both formats seem to be based on (or otherwise similar to) WMA Pro anyway.

For context, I'm trying to add XMA2 support to FAudio which uses gstreamer / decodebin under the hood to decode certain audio types.

I've checked with gst-inspect and the new sink caps are exposed properly.

I've tested this patch in combination with some additional FAudio and FNA changes on a few XBLIG games.
decodebin / typefind found avdec_xma2 and audio was playing fine (my ears didn't start to bleed).

Sadly I'm unable to test avdec_xma1 myself, but I don't see any reason to not expose that as well.

I've updated gst_plugins_cache.json by hand as I'm still very new to building with meson / ninja and new to gst-build in general.

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