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cmake recipes: always use Ninja generator, use MSVC when possible, use cmake for wavpack, plus bugfixes

Nirbheek Chauhan requested to merge nirbheek/cerbero:wavpack-windows into main
cerbero: Fix renaming of tarball dirname

build_dir is the directory where build artifacts are stored when using
CMake. config_src_dir is always going to point to the source
cerbero: Add MSVC support for CMake recipes

Need to use Ninja when building for MSVC, since `cl` command-line
syntax causes make to barf.
wavpack.recipe: Bump to 5.4.0, use CMake for building

This allows us to re-enable it in gst-plugins-good on Windows.

Fixes #358 (closed)

taglib.recipe: Add support for building with MSVC
cerbero: Add support for using the ninja cmake generator
recipes: Build all cmake recipes with ninja

I've tested this on Windows, which is the platform with the most
recipes: Enable MSVC support in more CMake recipes

And explicitly disable it in recipes that are known to be broken.
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