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Fix macOS and iOS CI failures

Nirbheek Chauhan requested to merge nirbheek/cerbero:more-macos-fixes into master
commit 592e5e61dda495f9f42f72df7e7554e3385cc667

meson.recipe: Fix regression that caused iOS failure
Log from Jenkins CI:
Cross dependency corefoundation found: NO (tried pkgconfig and framework)
sys/applemedia/ ERROR:  Dependency "CoreFoundation" not found, tried pkgconfig and framework
commit 5ea0f3bcf8c6610b2d3dd3e3a20d1e9a92e28ef7

gobject-introspection.recipe: Update to match glib version
Also backport patch from upstream to not link to system libraries.
Fixes failures on Jenkins CI on macOS, Debian, Fedora.

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