Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • 1.14
    Issues and merge requests reported against a 1.14 version or branch
  • 1.16
    Issues and merge requests reported against a 1.16 version or branch
  • Android
    Issues relating to the Android operating system
  • Awaiting feedback
    Issues that are blocked until more feedback is received from the reporter
  • Backported
    Merge Requests that were successfully backported to the latest stable branch.
  • Blocker
    Issue blocks release
  • Bugzilla
    Issue migrated from Bugzilla
  • Build
    Build issues such as build failures or compiler warnings
  • Crash
    Crashes, segfaults, aborts, but not regular error messages received on the pipeline bus at runtime.
  • Docs
    For everything documentation-related
  • Enhancement
    Adds a new feature
  • Flaky validate tests
    Flaky GStreamer Validate tests
  • Linux
    Issues relating primarily to the Linux operating system
  • macOS / iOS
    Issues relating to the Apple macOS or iOS operating systems
  • Memory
    Memory or resource leaks and memory usage optimisations
  • Needs backport
    Merge requests that should be backported to the latest stable branch. Ideally also add the appropriate stable branch label, e.g. 1.16
  • Performance
    Performance-related issues (mostly CPU performance, for memory usage use the Memory tag)
  • Plugin move
    Issues relating to plugins and libraries that are to be moved from one GStreamer module to another
  • Regression
    Bugs for things that worked find in previous versions and thus need to be fixed with high priority
  • Unstable test
    This bug is about an unstable test in the CI