Release 2.5.2
  • Scan for WiFi networks, greatly improving accuracy of WiFi source.
  • Allow multiple clients on the same D-Bus connection and add API for it. This is mainly targetted for Flatpak location portal.
  • Add API for apps to explicitly delete their client objects. Long running apps, like gnome-settings-daemon and Flatpak location portal, should use that to ensure Geoclue knows when these apps are not actually using it and hence it doesn't need to keep running needlessly.
  • Restore accidently removed, build of modem sources.
  • Update location on connectivity actually changing.
  • Try not spamming Mozilla Location Service.
  • Fix unexpected exit when non-active clients are connected.
  • Fix a check for system apps.
  • Use absolute paths for sysconfdir.
  • Fix links in docs.
  • More debug log.
  • A bunch of internal and/or non-functional fixes & improvements.

Dependency-related changes:

  • Require glib >= 2.44.