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Draft: docs: investigate using gi-docgen

This merge request is an attempt to see if it is possible to have a nice documentation using gi-docgen and move away from gtk-doc.

Currently this attempt has two disadvantages so far:

  • The code generated by gdbus-codgen has some very verbose documentation and doesn't use gi-docgen linking attributes to link between functions/classes and so on. Which leads to a sub-optimal experience of the docs.

  • Currently, gi-docgen doesn't support a way to embed / display the docs of the dbus interfaces.

The latest three commits could possible be split into a separate merge request as they are not related to the docs per see but expose more of the public API to the introspection data.

The docs can be tested locally by running a normal build with the following flags -Ddocs=true -Dintrsopection=true (the gi-docgen are introspection data based). And then opening the docs in _build/docs/lib/geoclue2

If having the dbus interface docs built separately from the C API docs is something that is interesting to you, I could spend a bit of time on that. I have also didn't spend the time on the CI part yet, which could be used to publish the docs to Gitlab Pages.

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