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Draft: Do accuracy checks in service-client, filter locations from degraded sources

Teemu Ikonen requested to merge tpikonen/geoclue:accuracy-threshold into master

Do not reject new locations by their accuracy and distance from previous location in GClueLocator.set_location(), but move the check to GClueServiceClient.

Add accuracy_below_threshold test to the threshold tests. A new location is above threshold if the distance from the previous signaled location is larger than the accuracy of the new location, or if the new location has better accuracy than the previous signaled location. This keeps the criteria for sending the 'LocationUpdated' signal same as before.

If the new location is below threshold, it is nevertheless updated to the client Location property. This makes updates from constant accuracy location sources which move slow enough to remain within their internal accuracy on each update accessible to clients which subscribe to 'notify::Location' signals, or read the property often enough.

Split from !120 (merged), continuing the discussion here.

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