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    * massive re-formatting changes to many, many source files. I don't · b16ccfc5
    David Turner authored
        want to list them all here. The operations performed were all logical
        transformations of the sources:
          - trying to convert all enums and constants to CAPITALIZED_STYLE, with
            #define definitions like
              #define  my_old_constants   MY_NEW_CONSTANT
          - big, big update of the documentation comments
        * include/freetype/freetype.h, src/base/ftobjs.c, src/smooth/ftsmooth.c,
        include/freetype/ftimage.h: adding support for LCD-optimized rendering
        though the new constants/enums:
        this is still work in progress, don't expect everything to work correctly
        though most of the features have been implemented.
        * adding new FT_LOAD_XXX flags, used to specify both hinting and rendering
          FT_LOAD_TARGET_NORMAL :: anti-aliased hinting & rendering
          FT_LOAD_TARGET_MONO   :: monochrome bitmaps
          FT_LOAD_TARGET_LCD    :: horizontal RGB/BGR decimated hinting & rendering
          FT_LOAD_TARGET_LCD_V  :: vertical RGB/BGR decimated hinting & rendering
        note that FT_LOAD_TARGET_NORMAL is 0, which means that the default
        behaviour of the font engine is _unchanged_.
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