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We are having a bad time with spammers on snippets:

  • they are not monitored extensively so they are usually not seen in a timely fashion
  • when they comment on an existing snippet, users can report the comment/spammer, the spammer gets blocked but we have no way besides digging into gitlab's internals to remove that comment
  • we can not attach a damspam hook to take timely actions against a spammer

For all of these reasons, we are disabling global snippets and only rely on project snippets

I want to create a snippet what can I do?

There are 2 kinds of snippets:

  1. a one shot dump of something, that could be attached to an existing bug:
  • please use external services like CentOS Pastebin Service, or anything else that fits (those are interesting because they attach a lifetime to your paste)
  1. one that needs archiving and discussing:
  • please use a matching project snippet (Project -> Code -> Snippet)
  • or use the snippets here for members of the CI-OK group

In both cases, for project snippets, you'll need to already have fork permissions, and be part of the project with reporter role at least.