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Skip ja or zh-tw if one of them is exclusive - fixes a loop that had no effect

Caleb Hearon requested to merge chearon/fontconfig:exclusive-lang-loop into master

Hello FontConfig team,

I've been working on a WASM port of FontConfig and as I was working on it, I came across this loop that effectively doesn't do anything. I believe the continue is supposed to break out of the outer loop and skip adding the current language to the font.

Breaks out of the correct loop in e50b9ae7, wrong loop in cd2ec1a9

The loop only runs when someone specifies an exclusiveLang of ja or zh-tw, and I haven't found any fonts where that would matter (i.e., my Japanese fonts don't cover traditional Chinese, and vice versa). So I'm not sure if this would have an effect for any fonts or not, but it looked like it should be corrected somehow.

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