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    ipv4: fix a race in ipv4_method_shared_with_already_running_dnsmasq · c09de6fc
    Lubomir Rintel authored and Vladimír Beneš's avatar Vladimír Beneš committed
    dnsmasq instance we start with --bind-interfaces would bind to all
    interfaces with an address on startup. The test expects it to bind
    before NetworkManager-managed instance of dnsmasq attempts to bind
    and end up failing. Given it's started in background when the
    interface is not configured yet, it may or may not end up trying
    to bind at the right time.
    It inded fails occassionally, roughly once in a few hundred runs.
    This patch makes sure the interface is configured at the time dnsmasq is
    started and gives it hopefully enough time to bind.