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    Add a test client to test multiple pointer/keyboard resources · f428d257
    Neil Roberts authored
    This adds a hacked version of simple-shm which can create multiple
    pointer and keyboard resources. The resources are created with the
    command line options -p and -k. Both take an integer argument which
    specifies the time in seconds after the program is started when the
    resource should be created. It can also take a second time with a
    colon separator to specify when the resource should be released.
    For example:
     weston-multi-resource -p5 -p7 -k9 -p12:14
    That would create a pointer after 5 seconds, a second pointer 2
    seconds later, a keyboard 2 seconds after that, a third pointer after
    a further 3 seconds and finally after 2 more seconds it would release
    that final pointer resource.
    This can be used along with WAYLAND_DEBUG to check that it gets the
    right events for example if the pointer is created while the client's
    surface already has focus and so on.
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