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  • drm-intel-next-2024-06-19
    drm/i915 feature pull for v6.11:
    Features and functionality:
    - Battlemage (BMG) Xe2 HPD display enabling (Balasubramani, Clint, Gustavo,
      José, Matt, Anusha, Lucas, Ravi, Radhakrishna, Nirmoy, Ankit, Matthew)
    - Panel Replay enabling (Jouni, Animesh)
    - DP AUX-less ALPM (Advanced Link Power Management) and LOBF (Link off between
      frames) enabling (Animesh, Jouni)
    - Enable link training failure fallback for DP MST links (Imre)
    - CMRR (Content Match Refresh Rate) enabling (Mitul)
    - Allow the first async flip to change modifier (Ville)
    - Enable eDP AUX based HDR backlight (Suraj)
    - Increase ADL-S/ADL-P/DG2+ max TMDS bitrate to 6 Gbps (Ville)
    Refactoring and cleanups:
    - Stop using implicit dev_priv local variable in macros (Jani)
    - Expand and clean up VBT table definitions (Ville)
    - PSR/ALPM refactoring (Jouni, Animesh)
    - Plane fb refactoring (Ville)
    - Rawclk, FSB, and mem frequency refactoring (Jani)
    - GVT register macro usage cleanups (Jani, Ville)
    - Plane, cursor, wm and ddb register macro and usage cleanups (Ville)
    - Pipe CRC register macro cleanups (Ville)
    - PCI ID macro cleanups and refactoring to match xe style (Jani)
    - Move drm-intel repo to (Ryszard)
    - Identify all platforms/subplatforms in display probe (Jani)
    - Move Intel drm headers under include/drm/intel (Jani)
    - Drop local redundant W=1 warnings in favour of drm subsystem warnigs (Jani)
    - Include cleanups; include what you use (Jani)
    - Convert overlay and DMC error state printing to drm_printer (Jani)
    - Joiner renames (Stan)
    - DSB interface cleanups (Ville)
    - Improve workaround for disabling FBC when VT-d is active (Vinod)
    - State checker refactoring and cleanups for color, planes and cdclk (Ville)
    - Cleanups around scanline arithmetic (Ville)
    - Use drm_crtc_vblank_crtc() instead of open coding (Ville)
    - DSC cleanups (Ville)
    - Improve VBT array bounds check (Luca)
    - LNL PSR fixes (Jouni)
    - Audio workaround, disable min hblank fix (Uma)
    - Stop selecting ACPI_BUTTON config (Jani)
    - Add MTL Cx0 PHY config compare (Mika)
    - Fix MTL C20 PHY port clock verification (Mika)
    - Fix static analyzer warning for uapi.event access (Luca)
    - HDCP fixes and workarounds (Suraj)
    - Fix DP MST DSC input BPP computation (Imre)
    - Fix assert on pending async-put power domain work (Imre)
    - Fix documentation build for DMC wakelocks (Luca)
    - Disable DSC on eDP when indicated by VBT (Ville)
    DRM Core changes:
    - Various DPCD register additions for panel replay and ALPM (Jouni)
    - Add target_rr_divider to adaptive sync SDP (Mitul)
    Xe driver changes:
    - Remove unused xe->enabled_irq_mask and xe->sb_lock members (Jani)
    - i915 display compat header cleanups (Jani)
    - Remove redundant copy of intel_fbdev_fb.h (Ville)
    - Add process name to devcoredump (José)
    - Add xe_gt_err_once() (Matthew)
    - Implement transient flush for BMG/Xe3 (Nirmoy)
    - Backmerges to sync with xe, drm-misc and upstream (Rodrigo, Jani)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-06-19
    drm/i915 fixes for v6.10-rc5:
    - Fix conditions for joiner usage, it's not possible with eDP MSO
  • drm-intel-gt-next-2024-06-12
    UAPI Changes:
    - Support replaying GPU hangs with captured context image (Tvrtko Ursulin)
    Driver Changes:
    Fixes/improvements/new stuff:
    - Automate CCS Mode setting during engine resets [gt] (Andi Shyti)
    - Revert "drm/i915: Remove extra multi-gt pm-references" (Janusz Krzysztofik)
    - Fix HAS_REGION() usage in intel_gt_probe_lmem() (Ville Syrjälä)
    - Disarm breadcrumbs if engines are already idle [gt] (Chris Wilson)
    - Shadow default engine context image in the context (Tvrtko Ursulin)
    - Support replaying GPU hangs with captured context image (Tvrtko Ursulin)
    - avoid FIELD_PREP warning [guc] (Arnd Bergmann)
    - Fix CCS id's calculation for CCS mode setting [gt] (Andi Shyti)
    - Increase FLR timeout from 3s to 9s (Andi Shyti)
    - Update workaround 14018575942 [mtl] (Angus Chen)
    Future platform enablement:
    - Enable w/a 16021333562 for DG2, MTL and ARL [guc] (John Harrison)
    - Pass the region ID rather than a bitmask to HAS_REGION() (Ville Syrjälä)
    - Remove counter productive REGION_* wrappers (Ville Syrjälä)
    - Fix typo [gem/i915_gem_ttm_move] (Deming Wang)
    - Delete the live_hearbeat_fast selftest [gt] (Krzysztof Niemiec)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-05-30
    drm/i915 fixes for v6.10-rc2:
    - Fix a race in audio component by registering it later
    - Make DPT object unshrinkable to avoid shrinking when framebuffer has
      not shrunk
    - Fix CCS id calculation to fix a perf regression
    - Fix selftest caching mode
    - Fix FIELD_PREP compiler warnings
    - Fix indefinite wait for GT wakeref release
    - Revert overeager multi-gt pm reference removal
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-05-08
    - Automate CCS Mode setting during engine resets (Andi)
    - Fix audio time stamp programming for DP (Chaitanya)
    - Fix parsing backlight BDB data (Karthikeyan)
  • drm-intel-next-2024-04-30
    Core DRM:
    - Export drm_client_dev_unregister (Thomas Zimmermann)
    Display i915:
    - More initial work to make display code more independent from i915 (Jani)
    - Convert i915/xe fbdev to DRM client (Thomas Zimmermann)
    - VLV/CHV DPIO register cleanup (Ville)
  • drm-intel-gt-next-2024-04-26
    UAPI Changes:
    - drm/i915/guc: Use context hints for GT frequency
        Allow user to provide a low latency context hint. When set, KMD
        sends a hint to GuC which results in special handling for this
        context. SLPC will ramp the GT frequency aggressively every time
        it switches to this context. The down freq threshold will also be
        lower so GuC will ramp down the GT freq for this context more slowly.
        We also disable waitboost for this context as that will interfere with
        the strategy.
        We need to enable the use of SLPC Compute strategy during init, but
        it will apply only to contexts that set this bit during context
        Userland can check whether this feature is supported using a new param-
        I915_PARAM_HAS_CONTEXT_FREQ_HINT. This flag is true for all guc submission
        enabled platforms as they use SLPC for frequency management.
        The Mesa usage model for this flag is here -
    - drm/i915/gt: Enable only one CCS for compute workload
        Enable only one CCS engine by default with all the compute sices
        allocated to it.
        While generating the list of UABI engines to be exposed to the
        user, exclude any additional CCS engines beyond the first
        NOTE: This W/A will make all DG2 SKUs appear like single CCS SKUs by
        default to mitigate a hardware bug. All the EUs will still remain
        usable, and all the userspace drivers have been confirmed to be able
        to dynamically detect the change in number of CCS engines and adjust.
        For the smaller percent of applications that get perf benefit from
        letting the userspace driver dispatch across all 4 CCS engines we will
        be introducing a sysfs control as a later patch to choose 4 CCS each
        with 25% EUs (or 50% if 2 CCS).
        NOTE: A regression has been reported at
        However Andi has been triaging the issue and we're closing in a fix
        to the gap in the W/A implementation:
    Driver Changes:
    - Add new and fix to existing workarounds: Wa_14018575942 (MTL),
      Wa_16019325821 (Gen12.70), Wa_14019159160 (MTL), Wa_16015675438,
      Wa_14020495402 (Gen12.70) (Tejas, John, Lucas)
    - Fix UAF on destroy against retire race and remove two earlier
      partial fixes (Janusz)
    - Limit the reserved VM space to only the platforms that need it (Andi)
    - Reset queue_priority_hint on parking for execlist platforms (Chris)
    - Fix gt reset with GuC submission is disabled (Nirmoy)
    - Correct capture of EIR register on hang (John)
    - Remove usage of the deprecated ida_simple_xx() API
    - Refactor confusing __intel_gt_reset() (Nirmoy)
    - Fix the fix for GuC reset lock confusion (John)
    - Simplify/extend platform check for Wa_14018913170 (John)
    - Replace dev_priv with i915 (Andi)
    - Add and use gt_to_guc() wrapper (Andi)
    - Remove bogus null check (Rodrigo, Dan)
    . Selftest improvements (Janusz, Nirmoy, Daniele)
  • drm-intel-next-2024-04-26
    UAPI Changes:
    Cross-subsystem Changes:
    Core Changes:
    Driver Changes:
  • drm-intel-next-2024-04-24
    Core Changes:
    - Some DP/DP_MST DRM helpers (Imre)
    Driver Changes (i915 Display):
    - PLL refactoring (Ville)
    - Limit eDP MSO pipe only for display version 20 (Luca)
    - More display refactor towards independence from i915 dev_priv (Jani)
    - QGV/SAGV related refactor (Stanislav)
    - Few MTL/DSC and a UHBR monitor fix (Imre)
    - BXT/GLK per-lane vswing and PHY reg cleanup (Ville)
  • drm-intel-next-2024-04-17-1
    Core Changes (DRM):
    - Fix documentation of DP tunnel functions (Imre)
    - DP MST read sideband messaging cap (Jani)
    - Preparation patches for Adaptive Sync SDP Support for DP (Mitul)
    Driver Changes:
    i915 core (non-display):
    - Documentation improvements (Nirmoy)
    - Add includes for BUG_ON/BUILD_BUG_ON in i915_memcpy.c (Joonas)
    - Do not print 'pxp init failed with 0' when it succeed (Jose)
    - Clean-up, including removal of dead code for unsupported platforms (Lucas)
    - Adding new DG2 PCI ID (Ravi)
    {i915,xe} display:
    - Spelling fix (Colin Ian)
    - Document CDCLK components (Gustavo)
    - Lunar Lake display enabling, including cdclk and other refactors (Gustavo, Bala)
    - BIOS/VBT/opregion related refactor (Jani, Ville, RK)
    - Save a few bytes of memory using {kstrdup,kfree}_const variant (Christophe)
    - Digital port related refactor/clean-up (Ville)
    - Fix 2s boot time regression on DP panel replay init (Animesh)
    - Remove redundant drm_rect_visible() overlay use (Arthur)
    - DSC HW state readout fixes (Imre)
    - Remove duplication on audio enable/disable on SDVO and g4x+ DP (Ville)
    - Disable AuxCCS framebuffers if built for Xe (Juha-Pekka)
    - Fix DSI init order (Ville)
    - DRRS related refactor and fixes (Bhanuprakash)
    - Fix DSB vblank waits with VRR (Ville)
    - General improvements on register name and use of REG_BIT (Ville)
    - Some display power well related improvements (Ville)
    - FBC changes for better w/a handling (Ville)
    - Make crtc disable more atomic (Ville)
    - Fix hwmon locking inversion in sysfs getter (Janusz)
    - Increase DP idle pattern wait timeout to 2ms (Shekhar)
    - PSR related fixes and improvents (Jouni)
    - Start using container_of_const() for some extra const safety (Ville)
    - Use drm_printer more on display code (Ville)
    - Fix Jasper Lake boot freeze (Jonathon)
    - Update Pipe src size check in skl_update_scaler (Ankit)
    - Enable MST mode for 128b/132b single-stream sideband (Jani)
    - Pass encoder around more for port/phy checks (Jani)
    - Some initial work to make display code more independent from i915 (Jani)
    - Pre-populate the cursor physical dma address (Ville)
    - Do not bump min backlight brightness to max on enable (Gareth)
    - Fix MTL supported DP rates - removal of UHBR13.5 (Arun)
    - Fix the computation for compressed_bpp for DISPLAY < 1 (Ankit)
    - Bigjoiner modeset sequence redesign and MST support (Ville)
    - Enable Adaptive Sync SDP Support for DP (Mitul)
    - Implemnt vblank sycnhronized mbus joining changes (Ville, Stanislav)
    - HDCP related fixes (Suraj)
    - Fix i915_display_info debugfs when connectors are not active (Ville)
    - Clean up on Xe compat layer (Jani)
    - Add jitter WAs for MST/FEC/DSC links (Imre)
    - DMC wakelock implementation (Luca)
  • drm-intel-next-2024-04-17
    UAPI Changes:
    Cross-subsystem Changes:
    Core Changes:
    Driver Changes:
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-04-10
    Display fixes:
    - Couple CDCLK programming fixes (Ville)
    - HDCP related fix (Suraj)
    - 4 Bigjoiner related fixes (Ville)
    Core fix:
    - Fix for a circular locking around GuC on reset+wedged case (John)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-04-04
    Display fixes:
    - A few DisplayPort related fixes (Imre, Arun, Ankit, Ville)
    - eDP PSR fixes (Jouni)
    Core/GT fixes:
    - Remove some VM space restrictions on older platforms (Andi)
    - Disable automatic load CCS load balancing (Andi)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-03-28
    Core/GT Fixes:
    - Fix for BUG_ON/BUILD_BUG_ON IN I915_memcpy.c (Joonas)
    - Update a MTL workaround (Tejas)
    - Fix locking inversion in hwmon's sysfs (Janusz)
    - Remove a bogus error message around PXP (Jose)
    - Fix UAF on VMA (Janusz)
    - Reset queue_priority_hint on parking (Chris)
    Display Fixes:
    - Remove duplicated audio enable/disable on SDVO and DP (Ville)
    - Disable AuxCCS for Xe driver (Juha-Pekka)
    - Revert init order of MIPI DSI (Ville)
    - DRRS debugfs fix with an extra refactor patch (Bhanuprakash)
    - VRR related fixes (Ville)
    - Fix a JSL eDP corruption (Jonathon)
    - Fix the cursor physical dma address (Ville)
    - BIOS VBT related fix (Ville)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-03-07
    - Fix for #10184: Kernel crash on UHD Graphics 730 (Cc stable)
    . Fix for #10284: Boot delay regresion with PSR
    - Fix DP connector DSC HW state readout
    - Selftest fix to convert msecs to jiffies
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-03-01
    - Fix to extract HDCP information from primary connector
    - Check for NULL mmu_interval_notifier before removing
  • drm-intel-gt-next-2024-02-28
    Driver Changes:
    - Add some boring kerneldoc (Tvrtko Ursulin)
    - Check before removing mm notifier (Nirmoy
  • drm-intel-next-2024-02-27-1
    drm/i915 feature pull #2 for v6.9:
    Features and functionality:
    - DP tunneling and bandwidth allocation support (Imre)
    - Add more ADL-N PCI IDs (Gustavo)
    - Enable fastboot also on older platforms (Ville)
    - Bigjoiner force enable debugfs option for testing (Stan)
    Refactoring and cleanups:
    - Remove unused structs and struct members (Jiri Slaby)
    - Use per-device debug logging (Ville)
    - State check improvements (Ville)
    - Hardcoded cd2x divider cleanups (Ville)
    - CDCLK documentation updates (Ville, Rodrigo)
    - HDCP MST Type1 fixes (Suraj)
    - Fix MTL C20 PHY PLL values (Ravi)
    - More hardware access prevention during init (Imre)
    - Always enable decompression with tile4 on Xe2 (Juha-Pekka)
    - Improve LNL package C residency (Suraj)
    drm core changes:
    - DP tunneling and bandwidth allocation helpers (Imre)
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-02-22
    fb1e8812 · drm/i915/tv: Fix TV mode ·
    - Fixup for TV mode
  • drm-intel-fixes-2024-02-15
    Fix for #10172: Blank screen on JSL Chromebooks. Stable fix to limit DP SST link rate to <=8.1Gbps.