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WIP: RFC/HACK: limit Android UI size to 1080p

This is more a discution RFC to know if there is a better (more generic ?) solution to handle the following use case:

Amlogic SoCs are low cost Set-Top-Box multimedia oriented, thus they can decode and render 4k60 10bit HDR10+ h264/hevc/vp9 video content by using zero-copy rendering.

But for the general purpose graphics, it can barely handle 4k desktop-like rendering in SW and GPU. Thus Amlogix downscales the UI plane to 1080p max for their Android TV boxes (their HWC2 implementation is at: but they handle the video frame rendering directly, separately from the main framebuffer.

This HACK simply limits the height/width reported to HWC2 for each mode, and then setups the Atomic params for upscaling by using the actual mode width/height.

I was reported Rockchip also uses this trick on their Rk3399 SoCs, seems it's handled at in their hwcomposer implementation.

This is clearly an hack, but it works fine.

The direct drawback is that Android reports 1920x1080 for the 4k modes, not a big deal but it may collide with actual 1080p modes and hit the issue we had with catastrophic duplicate modes handling in SurfaceFlinger.

The other issue I'm questioning is: how would be composed a 4k video frame when lying about the display width/height ?

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