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drm_hwcomposer: Fix HiSi import fail log spam

Sean Paul requested to merge seanpaul/drm-hwcomposer:hikey into master

hikey can only display layers which do not have gralloc usage HW_FB (hint: that leaves just the client target layer). As such, there's no benefit trying to import them since it'll just fail. So if we encounter a layer such as this, fake the import (the release will be a noop since gem_handles will be 0).

Also, as a belt-and-suspenders move, replace the greedy planner with one that only displays (usage != HW_FB) to be doubly sure that we don't try to display the no-op layers

Change-Id: I7bf88cfb7bda1dd5f47b741709619494431558a2 Signed-off-by: Sean Paul

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