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  • zbus_macros-3.12.0
    78243913 · zb,zm: Release 3.12.0 ·
    Release 3.12.0
    To go with zbus 3.12.0
  • zbus-3.12.0
    78243913 · zb,zm: Release 3.12.0 ·
    Release zbus 3.12.0.
    Release 3.12.0.
    * `ObjectServer` should dispatch calls without destination since p2p connections typically don't have
    * Only enable features of `nix` that we use.
    * Support server-side cookie auth. We already supported client-side cookie-auth. zbus won't manage
      the cookies for you though, that's left to the bus implementation.
    * Declare `ConnectionBuilder` as `must_use`. Instead of every builder method of it individually.
    * Avoid a few string allocations in handshake code.
    * Don't ignore errors from SID conversion to string.
    * Add missing cfg on an import. Otherwise we get a warning when building for non-unix.
    * Dependencies changed:
      * Home directory determination now split into a separate crate: `xdg-home`.
      * Drop `lazy_static`.
      * Drop now unneeded `dirs` dep.
      * Drop `nix` dep for non-unix (i-e Windows).
  • zbus-3.11.1
    a7c490d6 · zb,zm: Release 3.11.1 ·
    Release zbus 3.11.1
    Release 3.11.1
    Fix server example in the docs and README.
  • zbus_macros-3.11.1
    a7c490d6 · zb,zm: Release 3.11.1 ·
    Release 3.11.1
    Just to go with zbus 3.11.1.
  • zbus-3.11.0
    131d2983 · zb,zm: Release 3.11.0 ·
    Release zbus 3.11.0
    Release 3.11.0.
    * ConnectionBuilder::build shouldn't assume executor ticking. This fixes a deadlock when internal
      executor is disabled and interface is added to the builder.
    * Don't panic in proxy builder. Return an error instead.
    * Some optimizations in handshake code.
    * Error out on invalid UTF-8 in the cookie auth data.
    * Add `Error:MissingParameter` variant.
    * Implement `Clone` for `InterfaceRef`.
    * Add `SignalStream::name` getter.
    * `SignalStream`'s inner lifetime need to be tied to that of proxy's inner lifetime, not the proxy
      itself. In case of macros, we can declare it as '`static'.
    * Some fixes to docs.
    * Dependency changes:
      * Enable 'io' feature of futures-util. if `async-io` is enabled.
      * Add optional dep on `async-fs`.
      * update nix to 0.26.
  • zbus_macros-3.11.0
    131d2983 · zb,zm: Release 3.11.0 ·
    Release 3.11.0
    * Drop duplicated code in favor of new `zvariant_utils` crate.
  • zvariant-3.12.0
    07506776 · zv,zd: Release 3.12 ·
    Release zvariant 3.12.0
    Release 3.12.0
    To go with zvariant_derive 3.12.0.
  • zvariant_derive-3.12.0
    07506776 · zv,zd: Release 3.12 ·
    Release 3.12.0
    Move macro utilities to a new `zvariant_utils` crate.
  • zvariant_utils-1.0.0
    First release
    This crate will keep common (mostly macro) utilities for zvariant and zbus crates.
  • zbus_macros-3.10.0
    37bd88df · zb,zm: Release 3.10.0 ·
    zbus macros 3.10.0
    * Support fallible property getters.
    * Fix a typo in generated docs.
  • zbus-3.10.0
    37bd88df · zb,zm: Release 3.10.0 ·
    Release zbus 3.10.0
    zbus 3.10.0
    * Avoid missing property changes during property stream setup.
    * Fix `ordere_stream::OrderedStream` implementations.
    * Dependencies changed:
      * Bump ordered-stream to 0.2.
  • zvariant_derive-3.11.0
    9701c7cf · zv,zd: Release 3.11.0 ·
    zvariant_derive 3.11.0
    * Add `rename_all` attribute to the `SerializeDict` and `DeserializeDict` macros.
    * Internal fixes and improvements.
  • zvariant-3.11.0
    9701c7cf · zv,zd: Release 3.11.0 ·
    Release zvariant 3.11.0
    zvariant 3.11.0
    * Implement
      * `Display` for `{OwnedObjectPath, OwnedSignature}`.
      * `TryFrom<Cow<'a str>>` for `ObjectPath`.
      * `Type` for `std::time::SystemTime`.
      * `TryFrom<Cow<'a str>>` for `ObjectPath`.
    * Some internal fixes.
  • zbus_macros-3.9.0
    114a8a17 · zb: Bump minor version ·
    Release 3.9.0
    Provide a method to invalidate properties. While we should discourage the use of this method, it is
    useful in certain circumstances.
  • zbus-3.9.0
    114a8a17 · zb: Bump minor version ·
    Release zbus 3.9.0
    Release 3.9.0
    * Fix deadlock in properties caching on invalidation against multithreaded tokio runtime.
    * Ensure we're already subscribed to `PropertiesChanged` signal after
      `Proxy::receive_property_changed` returns.
    * Fix cleanup of `Connection` when `ObjectServer` is used.
    * Improved traces.
  • zbus-3.8.0
    Release zbus 3.8.0
    Release 3.8.0
    * Add `AsyncDrop` trait. Until there is an [upstream Rust support for async dropping][async_drop] we will need this for explicit drop of async resources.
    * Implement `AsyncDrop` for MessageStream, SignalStream, & macro-generated signal streams. This will allow users to immediately deregister the associated match rules (if any).
    * Gracefully handle peer disconnection during handshake.
    * Don't disallow `EXTERNAL` auth in server handshake.
    * Skip `self` in handshake traces. Otherwise it creates a lot of noise.
    * More conformance to the D-Bus specification:
      * Don't create messages larger than 128 MiB.
      * Don't accept messages larger than 128 MiB.
    * Gracefully handle peer disconnection during handshake phase.
    * Fix server-side handshake code to not eat up the first `Hello` method call from the client if the client is too fast for the server.
    * Add more tracing to handshake machinery.
    * Fix `ToString` implementation of `MatchRule` to include `arg0namespace`.
    * Dependencies changed:
      * ordered-stream 0.1.4.
    * Internal improvements & fixes.
    [async_drop]: https://rust-lang.github.io/async-fundamentals-initiative/roadmap/async_drop.html
  • zbus_macros-3.8.0
    Release 3.8.0
    * Implement `zbus::AsyncDrop` for generated signal streams.
    * Support mutable method arguments with `dbus_interface`.
  • zbus-3.7.0
    8903a20f · zb,zm: Bump minor version ·
    Release zbus 3.7.0
    Release 3.7.0
    New API
    * Implement `Clone` for `Error` and `fdo::Error`.
    * Add `MatchRule::matches` to check if a `MatchRule` matches a `Message`.
    * Add `{MessageStream, blocking::MessageIterator}::for_match_rule` to create a stream that only
      yields messages that match a `MatchRule`. This allows for efficient filtering of messages and
      avoids unnecessary task wakeups. `{SignalStream, blocking::SignalIterator}`, `ObjectServer` and
      method calls make use of this API internally.
    * Introduce `Error::InputOutput(Arc<..>)` and deprecated `Error::Io` in favour of it.
    * Add a generic `Error::Failure` variant.
    * Add `ConnectionBuilder::unique_name`. This is meant for bus implementations to allow them to set
      a unique_name before all other initialisations happen. For one, this would allow `ObjectServer`
      to be able to filter messages to the bus itself.
    * Implement `From<&MessageStream>` for `Connection`.
    * Ensure all streams get the errors from reading the socket, not just one of them.
    * Many other minor and internal improvements and fixes.
    Dependencies changed
    * Drop `async-channel` dependency.
    * Bump requirements:
      * `quick-xml` 0.27.1.
      * `zvariant` 2.10.
      * `zbus_names` 2.5.
      * `async-io` 1.12.0.
      * `async-executor` 1.5.0.
      * `async-broadcast` 0.5.0.
      * `ordered-stream` 0.1.3.
  • zbus_macros-3.7.0
    8903a20f · zb,zm: Bump minor version ·
    Release 3.7.0
    * Only generate _receive_with_args wrappers if args > 0.
  • zbus_names-2.5.0
    8903a20f · zb,zm: Bump minor version ·
    Release 2.5.0
    * Implement `Clone` for `Error`.
    * Require `zvariant` 3.10.0.