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    Add DBus method to return the AA context of a connection · 24f1502e
    Tyler Hicks authored
    This is not intended for upstream inclusion. It implements a bus method
    (GetConnectionAppArmorSecurityContext) to get a connection's AppArmor
    security context but upstream D-Bus has recently added a generic way of
    getting a connection's security credentials (GetConnectionCredentials).
    Ubuntu should carry this patch until packages in the archive are moved
    over to the new, generic method of getting a connection's credentials.
    [Altered by Simon McVittie: survive non-UTF-8 contexts which
    would otherwise be a local denial of service, except that Ubuntu
    inherits a non-fatal warnings patch from Debian; new commit message
    taken from the Ubuntu changelog; do not emit unreachable code if
    AppArmor is disabled.]
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