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    2003-09-21 Mark McLoughlin <mark@skynet.ie> · daf8d657
    Mark McLoughlin authored
            * doc/dbus-specification.sgml: Change the header field name
            to be an enum and update the rest of the spec to reference
            the fields using the conventinal name.
            * dbus/dbus-protocol.h: update to reflect the spec.
            * doc/TODO: add item to remove the 4 byte alignment requirement.
            * dbus/dbus-message.c: Remove the code to generalise the
            header/body length and serial number header fields as named
            header fields so we can reference field names using the
            protocol values.
            (append_int_field), (append_uint_field), (append_string_field):
            Append the field name as a byte rather than four chars.
            (delete_int_or_uint_field), (delete_string_field): reflect the
            fact that the field name and typecode now occupy 4 bytes instead
            of 8.
            (decode_string_field), (decode_header_data): update to reflect
            protocol changes and move the field specific encoding from
            decode_string_field() back into decode_header_data().
            * dbus/dbus-internals.[ch]: (_dbus_header_field_to_string):
            Add utility to aid debugging.
            * dbus/dbus-message-builder.c:
            (append_string_field), (_dbus_message_data_load): Update to
            reflect protocol changes; Change the FIELD_NAME directive
            to HEADER_FIELD and allow it to take the field's conventional
            name rather than the actual value.
            * test/data/*/*.message: Update to use HEADER_FIELD instead
            of FIELD_NAME; Always align the header on an 8 byte boundary
            *before* updating the header length.
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