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    2005-03-08 Joe Shaw <joeshaw@novell.com> · 2958e723
    Joe Shaw authored
    	Fix a bunch of lifecycle and memory management problems
    	in the mono bindings.
    	* mono/Arguments.cs (Arguments): Implement IDisposable
    	* mono/Bus.cs (Bus): Don't allow public instantiation.  This is
    	strictly a static class.
    	* mono/Connection.cs: Move the DBusObjectPathVTable and associated
    	delegates into this file.
    	(Connection): Implement IDisposable.
    	(Dispose): Disconnect the connection and set the raw connection
    	pointer to IntPtr.Zero.
    	(~Connection): Call Dispose().
    	(RegisterObjectPath): Added.  Manages the registration of object
    	paths so we can cleanly disconnect them at dispose/finalize time.
    	(UnregisterObjectPath): Ditto.
    	(set_RawConnection): Unregister all of the object paths when
    	changing the underlying DBusConnection.  Add them back onto the
    	new connection, if any.
    	* mono/Handler.cs: Don't implement IDisposable; it doesn't use any
    	more unmanaged resources anymore, so it's not necessary.  Move all
    	the DBusObjectPathVTable stuff out of here.
    	(Handler): Save references to our delegates so that they don't get
    	finalized.  Call Connection.RegisterObjectPath() instead of
    	dbus_connection_register_object_path() directly.
    	(Message_Called): Dispose the message after we're finished with
    	* mono/Message.cs (Message): Implement IDisposable.
    	(Dispose): Dispose the Arguments, and set the RawMessage to
    	(SendWithReplyAndBlock): We own the ref to the reply that comes
    	back from dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block() so add a
    	comment about that and unref it after we've constructed a managed
    	MethodReturn class around it.  Fixes a big, big leak.
    	* mono/ProxyBuilder.cs: Reflect into Message to get the Dispose
    	(BuildSignalHandler): After we've sent the Signal message, dispose
    	of it.
    	(BuildMethod): Dispose of the method call and reply messages after
    	we've sent the message and extracted the data we want from the
    	* mono/Service.cs (UnregisterObject): Don't call handler.Dispose()
    	(Service_FilterCalled): Dispose of the message after we're
    	finished with it.
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