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Release 1.1

Mathieu Bridon requested to merge 1.x into master

Here's the Chinese New Year release!

Let me try to do a proper changelog this time:

  • Fix typo in data/README.table.rst (linquize)
  • Add docs to the tarball (Mathieu)
  • Add a link to the release tarballs in the README (Mathieu)
  • Correct typo of README file (Anthony)
  • Improve the benchmark tool (Mathieu)
  • Add a missing copyright header to the benchmark tool (Mathieu)
  • Various code improvements (Mathieu, with help from clang's scan-build)
  • Code refactoring of the filter handling (Dridi)
  • Add install instructions for a few distributions (Mathieu)
  • Document libcangjie_cli (Mathieu)

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