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Remove old backends

Emmanuele Bassi requested to merge ebassi/cairo:drop-backends into master

We are still stringing along a few backends that have been broken for a decade; or depend on libraries that have been unmaintained and unsupported for almost as long:

  • Qt: depends on Qt 4, EOL in 2015
  • Cogl: depends on Cogl, unmaintained since 2016
  • OpenVG
  • BeOS: unsupported by Meson
  • OS/2: unsupported by Meson, last known built for Cairo 1.12 (2006)
  • DirectFB
  • DRM: science experiment, broken for at least 10 years

This is a lot of code that exists only as a trap for unwary travellers, or a maintenance sink. Removing the Qt and BeOS backends alone allows us to drop the dependency on a C++ compiler in our build systems, as well as removing the complexity of dealing with one.

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