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Cleanup of stale domains

Christian Kellner requested to merge gicmo/bolt:stale_domains into master

When the store is upgraded, clean up any stale domains. Previous versions of bolt (< 0.9.1) would store domains that did not have stable uuids, i.e. their uuid would change on every boot. These stored domains would be loaded and exported but would never come online since they can not ever by matched to an online domain. When the store cleanup method is executed, in the manager's initialization method, the domain controller should either be powered (they use runtime power management only and are thus not physically powered down on ice lake anyway) or force-powered and thus any domain that is not yet online will be removed. This can fail if the domain has a boot acl journal with entries, which protects the loss of data for domains that are not force-powered, maybe because they are even slower, but do have a stable uuid.

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