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emit HW init commands

Chia-I Wu requested to merge olv/mesa:turnip-vk-init-hw into turnip

@krh @chadversary

Being the first commit that emits meaningful command packets, there are many things included in this commit

  • tu6_emit_xxx are low-level helpers that emit command packets without boundary checks
  • tu6_xxx are high-level helpers that emit command packets with boundary checks
  • use cmd as the variable name of tu_cmd_buffer
  • add tu_cs_reserve_space(_assert) for the peace of mind
  • there is a per-cmdbuf scratch bo for CP_EVENT_WRITE writeback
  • there is a per-cmdbuf debug marker, using scratch reg 7 or 6 depending on whether the cmdbuf is primary or secondary
  • cmdbuf->cs is a pointer to the current CS, so that we can use the helpers above to emit to other CS

I can break it down into smaller commits if desirable.

Edited by Chia-I Wu

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