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    Make visible symbols required by xorg modules. · 31285d06
    Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade authored
      This patch exports all symbols required by the compilable
    (in a x86 linux computer) xorg/driver/* modules.
      Still missing symbols worth mentioning are:
    	miFindMaxBand no longer available
    intel	(uxa/uxa-accel.c)
    	fbShmPutImage no longer available (and should have been static)
    	MGAGetClientPointer (should come from matrox's libhal)
      This is not a definitive "visibility" patch, as all it does is to
    export missing symbols, but the modules that current don't compile,
    may require more symbols once fixed, and third party drivers should
    also require more symbols exported.
      A "definitive" patch should export symbols defined in the sdk.
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