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    libGLdispatch: Rework the __GLdispatchPatchCallbacks interface. · c7091414
    Kyle Brenneman authored
    Reworked the __GLdispatchPatchCallbacks interface, mostly toward fixing issue
    __GLdispatchPatchCallbacks::initiatePatch now handles the entire patching
    process, instead of splitting it between initiatePatch, getOffsetHook, and
    Added callbacks to __GLdispatchStubPatchCallbacks that are called before and
    after calling into the vendor library to patch the entrypoints.
    Changed the documentation to say that the vendor library can only change the
    entrypoints during the call to initiatePatch. That'll allow libGLdispatch to
    change the memory protection before and after the app is finished modifying
    the entrypoints.
    The callback that a vendor library calls to fetch an entrypoint now returns
    separate writable and executable addresses.