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    2008-11-13 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · e2f65ce1
    Dan Williams authored
    	Add support for PKCS#12 private keys (bgo #558982)
    	* libnm-util/crypto.c
    		- (parse_old_openssl_key_file): rename from parse_key_file(); adapt to
    			take a GByteArray instead of a filename
    		- (file_to_g_byte_array): handle private key files too
    		- (decrypt_key): take a GByteArray rather than data + len
    		- (crypto_get_private_key_data): refactor crypto_get_private_key() into
    			one function that takes a filename, and one that takes raw data;
    			detect pkcs#12 files as well
    		- (crypto_load_and_verify_certificate): detect file type
    		- (crypto_is_pkcs12_data, crypto_is_pkcs12_file): add pkcs#12 detection
    	* libnm-util/crypto_gnutls.c
    		- (crypto_decrypt): take GByteArray rather than data + len; fix a bug
    			whereby tail padding was incorrectly handled, leading to erroneous
    			successes when trying to decrypt the data
    		- (crypto_verify_cert): rework somewhat
    		- (crypto_verify_pkcs12): validate pkcs#12 keys
    	* libnm-util/crypto_nss.c
    		- (crypto_init): enable various pkcs#12 ciphers
    		- (crypto_decrypt): take a GByteArray rather than data + len
    		- (crypto_verify_cert): clean up
    		- (crypto_verify_pkcs12): validate pkcs#12 keys
    	* libnm-util/test-crypto.c
    		- Handle pkcs#12 keys
    	* libnm-util/nm-setting-8021x.c
    		- Add two new properties, 'private-key-password' and
    			'phase2-private-key-password', to be used in conjunction with
    			pkcs#12 keys
    		- (nm_setting_802_1x_set_ca_cert_from_file,
    		   nm_setting_802_1x_set_phase2_client_from_file): return certificate
    		- (nm_setting_802_1x_get_private_key_password,
    		   nm_setting_802_1x_get_phase2_private_key_password): return private
    			key passwords
    		- (nm_setting_802_1x_set_private_key_from_file,
    		   nm_setting_802_1x_set_phase2_private_key_from_file): set the private
    			key from a file, and update the private key password at the same time
    		- (nm_setting_802_1x_get_private_key_type,
    		   nm_setting_802_1x_get_phase2_private_key_type): return the private
    			key type
    	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-settings-verify.c
    		- Whitelist private key passwords
    	* src/supplicant-manager/nm-supplicant-config.c
    		- (nm_supplicant_config_add_setting_8021x): for pkcs#12 private keys,
    			add the private key password to the supplicant config, but do not
    			add the client certificate (as required by wpa_supplicant)
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