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Add more homed support

Adrian Vovk requested to merge AdrianVovk/accountsservice:homed-contd into main

This extends the work in !144 to support the following:

  • Load all the settings AccountsService supports from homed (requires additional user record fields upstream for the settings to be applied appropriately)
  • Support writing settings back to homed (requires homed update policy v2 upstream)
  • Handle profile pictures via the new blob directory logic (requires homed blob dirs v2 upstream)
  • Support reading/writing extension settings from/to homed (requires update policy v2 too)

Essentially, this makes it so that all of AccountsService is supported on top of homed now

Do note that this requires changes to land upstream in systemd first, and will require a newer version of systemd. By the looks of it, we'll be needing systemd v256 which will likely be released in the coming weeks to months.

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