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    source -> datastore rename, improved terminology · 04f11b42
    Patrick Ohly authored
    The word "source" implies reading, while in fact access is read/write.
    "datastore" avoids that misconception. Writing it in one word emphasizes
    that it is single entity.
    While renaming, also remove references to explicit --*-property
    parameters. The only necessary use today is "--sync-property ?"
    and "--datastore-property ?".
    --datastore-property was used instead of the short --store-property
    because "store" might be mistaken for the verb. It doesn't matter
    that it is longer because it doesn't get typed often.
    --source-property must remain valid for backward compatility.
    As many user-visible instances of "source" as possible got replaced in
    text strings by the newer term "datastore". Debug messages were left
    unchanged unless some regex happened to match it.
    The source code will continue to use the old variable and class names
    based on "source".
    Various documentation enhancements:
      Better explain what local sync is and how it involves two sync
      configs. "originating config" gets introduces instead of just
      "sync config".
      Better explain the relationship between contexts, sync configs,
      and source configs ("a sync config can use the datastore configs in
      the same context").
      An entire section on config properties in the terminology
      section. "item" added (Todd Wilson correctly pointed out that it was
      Less focus on conflict resolution, as suggested by Graham Cobb.
      Fix examples that became invalid when fixing the password
      storage/lookup mechanism for GNOME keyring in 1.4.
      The "command line conventions", "Synchronization beyond SyncML" and
      "CalDAV and CardDAV" sections were updated. It's possible that the
      other sections also contain slightly incorrect usage of the
      terminology or are simply out-dated.