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    meson: Improve dependency system · 5e16bcf2
    Inigo Martínez authored
    Some targets are missing dependencies on some generated sources in
    the meson port. These makes the build to fail due to missing source
    files on a highly parallelized build.
    These dependencies have been resolved by taking advantage of meson's
    internal dependencies which can be used to pass source files,
    include directories, libraries and compiler flags.
    One of such internal dependencies called `core_dep` was already in
    use. However, in order to avoid any confusion with another new
    internal dependency called `nm_core_dep`, which is used to include
    directories and source files from the `libnm-core` directory, the
    `core_dep` dependency has been renamed to `nm_dep`.
    These changes have allowed minimizing the build details which are
    inherited by using those dependencies. The parallelized build has
    also been improved.
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